1 BCC = 50.4633 USD

1 BCC = 0.020269 BTC


Welcome to BitConnect(BCC) Pool

BitConnect (BCC) Mining pool is a way for BitConnect coin miners to pool their resources together and share their hashing power while splitting the reward equally according to the amount of shares they contributed to solving a block.

Network Hashrate

2,607,020.35 MH/s

Pool Hashrate

18,644.37 MH/s

Bitconnect is a platform for Bitcoin or other electronic currency users to make a profit, buy and sell and exchange Bitcoins directly between the other members. Bitconnect provides many features with the aim of creating more financial resources for the people and make the world become more open and better connectivity.


BitConnect Coin



BitConnect Lending

Build trust and reputation in bitcoin ecosystem


BitConnect Trading

This investment option can be used to profit on price fluctuation of BitConnect Coin.

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